Friday, April 15, 2011

Why Do People Label Others as "Greedy"

Our Distance Learning Developer, Ray suggests that people pursue a basic human desire of "respect" in a community through personal success. Success can be measured by money, assets or position among other things. Accumulation of the stuff of success can lead for others to classify the accumulator as "greedy". The accuser through whose lens a person is "greedy" may have many motivations to make the claim. Ray suggests further that one motivation may be the lack of self respect or the lack of respect afforded the accuser by the accumulator of wealth (greedy one) may very well be the motivator of the name calling. Maybe jealousy comes into play.

Give it some thought..... have you ever thought of someone as being greedy? What was your motivation in making that claim?

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  1. I always thought my younger brother was greedy when he would take the last piece of homemade apple pie before I got home from school.